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Who we are 

Finding Inspiration in Every Event

It all started as a conversation between founders Kerry and Paul, two good friends working together at a small adult alternative lifestyle club in Manchester

We both knew there was a niche for event planners to go out to venues and clubs to deliver new and exciting experiences and get the party started with competent and experienced hosts in the AAL+ & LGBTQIA+ lifestyles



Now we visit venues all over the country to throw parties in adult lifestyle clubs, co-host with other industry events organisers and entertainers and at festivals


Our Inspiration

Our commitment is to fully deliver excellent experiences for parties in the adult lifestyles, based on sexual freedom and non-judgement.


We believe we throw the best parties around due to our trusted partnerships, collaborations with other industry hosts, networking across the lifestyle, safety policies and strict admission procedures. 

We now throw boat parties, host at festivals and other lifestyle clubs across the UK

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